- We offer lost foam/lost wax, green sand, and shell mold castings, as well as fabricated products in any material, raw or machined to your spec.


- Inpac offers rubber products in compression molding, injection molding, and extrusion molding formats.  We own approved compounds used in the water works industry, including NSF/ANSI 61 certified materials.                          For NSF Certification documentation.


- Inpac offers several coating options to include e-coating, powder coating, and painting.

- Inpac provides value added services such as inspections, warehousing, and inventory management to help customers lean their processes.


- We guarantee quality by furnishing complete inspection data that includes all material certifications, layout reports, metallurgical reports, and laboratory tests.  We have developed an effective quality control program that involves rigorous testing and analysis.


- Tooling for castings, forgings, and rubber products are offered as a complete package for your convenience.


- Shipping hassles become worry free, as customer care includes boxing your product to your specified quantity and labeling each box with your logo, part numbers and or bar coding.


- As a leader in the manufacturing service industry, we facilitate your growth with our leaning of your processes; we are geared to save you money, and increase your cash flow.  


Repair Clamps
Sleeve Couplings
O Rings
SS Hardware
MJ Gland+Kit
Custom Products

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